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Special series features Promoting Excellence in End-of-Life Care

Journal of Palliative Medicine coverThe Journal of Palliative Medicine continues a special series of articles describing the experiences and exciting results of 22 innovative projects funded by Promoting Excellence in End-of-Life Care. The articles, edited by Ira Byock, M.D., Promoting Excellence Director, are included in the Innovations section of the journal.

Authored by team members of the projects featured, the articles present a broad range of contexts of care, and discuss potential future directions for their programs. They also reflect on the implications of their projects’ experiences for similar patient populations and settings elsewhere.

The articles are available by journal subscription by visiting the Journal of Palliative Medicine Web site. Address reprint requests or correspondence to the authors (e-mail addresses listed below).



June 2004: Volume 7, No. 3:


April 2004: Volume 7, No. 3:


February 2004: Volume 7, No. 1:


December 2003: Volume 6, No. 6:


October 2003: Volume 6, No. 5:

August 2003: Volume 6, No. 4:


June 2003: Volume 6, No. 3:


April 2003: Volume 6, No. 2:

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Promoting Excellence in End-of-Life Care was a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation dedicated to long-term changes in health care institutions to substantially improve care for dying people and their families.